Working from concept to prototyping, we offer embedded software, hardware, desktop/mobile/web software and support services to your in-house engineering staff. There by offering complete product realization services.

Product Prototyping
AIMS provides consulting services to organizations to help formulate a strategy that leverages our product engineering know-how based on a well-defined ROI. As part of these services, clients are offered a Product Prototyping Service (PPS); PPS demonstrates business value & ease of implementation so that an enterprise can take well-informed decisions.

Product Transformation
AIMS offers services to transform existing web application to Web 2.0 and embedded product to Digital, LCD based for user-friendly, enable PC connectivity, Networking, Internet capability & Wireless to support wider market needs and expand sales vertically. We achieve this by leveraging our expertise across multiple technologies and platforms.

Product Up-gradation
AIMS offers services that upgrade existing embedded and software products to support market needs. We achieve this by leveraging our understanding of product architecture and expertise across multiple technologies and platforms.

Product Optimization and Performance Tuning
Perhaps the biggest challenge with evolving and emerging technologies is to ensure consistent and superior performance. The abstraction layer brought in by Embedded Services demands additional processing and expertise. This often results in an inconsistent performance. AIMS has extensive experience with various processor and architectures, in both lab and production environments. This helps us deliver superior performance and tuning services to our clients.
Product Integration

  1. Data Integration
  2. Application Integration
  3. Process Integration